jeudi 28 juillet 2016

Resell4Resell License

Hebergeur d'image 

 This is a one time purchase for a lifetime license to create CU4CU items from my templates and scripts for resell
 This license is only when the products mentioned Resell4Resell on preview

 This license is not transferable at all --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

This license, give you permission to use ALL of my Templates and scripts to create your own CU4CU PRODUCTS with the following conditions: 

 - Use my Templates to create Cliparts, Scripts and any designer resources for resell
 - Make CU4CU products 
- Use my scripts to create Cliparts, template and any designer resources for resell 

 - Sell my original files 
- Use my templates and my scripts as they are. (They must be personnalize). 
- No freebies please 

- Put my credits in your terms of use in the following way: 
Template and Scripts by Delicate-Pearl

 - Fill the text file that comes with the download and send to my email 

Thank you so much for your interest in my products

Zip file
10,00 euros / $11,09 

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