mercredi 21 décembre 2016

New Year Pack01 Template - Resell4Resell

Hebergeur d'image

Grayscale, layered in *.psd - Resell 4 Resell
Layers dimensions 300 DPi :

hat: 2000x2000px (dimensions element: 1671x1578px)
rocket: 492x2000px (dimensions element: 324x1967px)
mask: 2500x2500px (dimensions element: 2035x2328px)
balloons: 1465x1769px (dimensions element: 1386x1718px)

Easy to resize This is a COMMERCIAL USE product. Please read carefully my TOU included in the file before using it. (CU4CU/CU with my Scripts & Template license or Resell4Resell license please)

Fichier .zip téléchargeable

3,50 euros/$3,85 

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